Lehman Pro-Life Guards

Lehman Pro-lifeGuards Lehman Catholic Pro-LifeGuards

The Lehman Catholic Pro-LifeGuards is a student organization at Lehman Catholic High School in Sidney, Ohio, located on State Route 29. It is intended as a vehicle to help educate students about the value of human life in all stages and to inspire them to be involved in safeguarding life-- through prayer, peaceful demonstrations, and disseminating to others, the information they have learned.

The Pro-LifeGuards, founded in the 2004-2005 school year by two students: Erin Grant and Chad Hewitt, is one of the largest student organizations at Lehman.

Students of this organization participate in a monthly organizational meeting and monthly Holy Hours of prayer in the chapel at Lehman High School. They have made donations to the Elizabeth New Life, Women's Center of Sidney to help pregnant mothers in need. One of the highlights of the group's activities each year is participation in the National March for Life in Washington, D.C. Students have organized the erection of a pro-life memorial on the Lehman Catholic High School grounds, as well as the construction of a pro-life sign facing I-75. At least two times a year the group goes to an abortion clinic in Dayton for prayer and silent demonstration.

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